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No more driving to the boutique to
pick up your bras,
wondering when they'll arrive, or forgetting about your bra refills.

Getting started

You'll need a few things to sign up

Your personal prescription

Any insurance information

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Your first box

We'll verify your prescription and set up your service.

Boxes ship seasonally (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) and are styled with a fun seasonal theme.
Each box includes a premium self-care gift that's comforting, useful, and occasionally indulgent.

Sign up and choose the bra styles and colors that you like most.
Our stylists will handle the rest and we'll ship it directly to your door.

Not loving your new bra? 
No problem. You have 7 days to exchange for a different size, style, or color mastectomy bra.
Cancel any time.

Trusted favorites, the Spring 2021 bras are Trulife or Jodee brand.


You'll receive the bras you need
every season

Most insurance providers allow for 1-3 bras every 4 months. We'll verify your coverage and send you an invoice only for your copay.

The Spring 2021 box ships in early April 2021.


What's inside counts

Your post-mastectomy bra refills
Insurance providers typically allow 1-3 bras per quarter. You'll be able to choose your style, color, and size unless you have a medical necessity to be refit.

A premium seasonal gift
When's the last time you received something beautiful in the mail? Each season, our stylist curated box will arrive on your doorstep with a complimentary gift, hand picked by us to put a smile on your face.
We guarantee that the gifts will be premium and occasionally indulgent.

Your responsibility
You'll pay your insurance copay or any out-of-pocket expenses (if applicable). Shipping and your premium gift are complimentary.


We're able to
process insurance claims for existing
Cherry Blossom Intimates customers exclusively at this time

out of pocket

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